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Faculty In the Media 2018

The following summary lists many of the instances during 2018 in which Widener Law Commonwealth faculty members have been quoted or featured in coverage by local, regional, or national news media organizations.

Please note that some news sites may require registration in order to view stories and some links may expire shortly after they are posted.

WITF Smart Talk
Donald Brown was interviewed on 12/19/18
Poland climate conference / The Middle America Project

Michael Cozzillio's op-ed was published on 12/16/18
To beat Trump, Democrats need a 'boring' consensus candidate | Opinion

The Philadelphia Tribune
Donald Brown was quoted on 12/7/18
Philly recommits to slash emissions in wake of alarming reports

John Dernbach was referenced on 11/28/18
Climate petition calls on Pa. to cut emissions through cap-and-trade system

WDDE 91.1 FM
Jill Family was interviewed on 11/12/18
Delaware organization has ties to federal DACA ruling

WURD Radio 96.1 FM/900 AM
Michael Dimino was interviewed on 11/6/18
#WURDVOTES Election2018 Coverage #WURDLIVE

Patriot News
Randy Lee was quoted on 10/28/18
Newspaper sues borough over ads Officials retaliate over news coverage, publication claims

NPR: State Impact
John Dernbach provided expert commentary on 10/26/18
The Story of Environmental Rights in Pennsylvania

Michael Dimino appeared on the program on 10/14/18
This Week in Pennsylvania

Penn Live
Michael Dimino's op-ed was published on 9/23/18
Supreme Court appointments too political? Blame the “Living Constitution”

The Federalist Society
Michael Dimino authored commentary published on 9/20/18
Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky Strikes Down a Vague Ban on Speech in Polling Places, but Future Bans May Be Upheld

The Burg
Juliet Moringiello was quoted on 9/6/18
Following online outrage and revenue hit, HMAC files chapter 11 bankruptcy as a prelude to sale

Inside Higher Ed
Anna Hemingway's op-ed was published on 8/20/18
The Trump Administration’s Flawed Approach to Diversity 

Jill Family was quoted on 8/14/18
Law Scholars decry quotas for immigration judges

Delaware County Daily Times
Michael Dimino was quoted on 8/6/18
3D printable gun debate gets hot

Energy News Network
John Dernbach was quoted on 8/3/18
Does Minneapolis plan rely too much on renewable energy credits?

Record Courier
Christopher Robinette was quoted on 7/22/18
A year after the Fire Ball disaster at the State Fair, has anything changed?
Additional coverage was also featured in The Columbus Dispatch.

Juliet Moringiello contributed a guest column on 7/17/18
Cities In Distress: Municipal Recovery Lessons From Pa.

ABC 27 News
Michael Dimino was a guest on 7/15/18
This Week in Pennsylvania

ABC 27 News
Michael Dimino was interviewed on 6/27/18
Local experts explain impact of Justice Kennedy's retirement

John Dernbach was quoted on 6/27/18
2018's Best Beach Towns to Live in

Bloomberg BNA
Juliet Moringiello was quoted on 6/4/18
'Dishonest Debtor' Prevails Over Law Form at Supreme Court

Jill Family provided commentary on 4/27/18
Local DACA recipient talks about uncertainty of the program, judge’s latest ruling

Buck Local News
Donald Brown was quoted on 4/19/18
Democrats and Republicans join forces in Harrisburg to tackle climate change; introduce groundbreaking legislation

Philadelphia Public Record
Donald Brown was mentioned on 4/18/18
Rabb, Murt Bill Targets 100% Renewables by 2050
This story also appeared in the PA Environment Digest Blog

Bloomberg Law
Juliet Moringiello was quoted on 4/12/18
Justices Weigh Bankruptcy Fallout of Unkept Pledge to Pay Lawyers

Christian Johnson, Michael Dimino, and Robert Power's editorial was published on 4/11/18
Upset about the Supreme Court’s redistricting ruling? Use the ballot box – not impeachment

The Regulatory Review
Jill Family's opinion article was published on 4/11/18
Regulating Immigration in a Deregulatory Administration

The Seattle Times
Jill Family was quoted on 4/4/18
As Trump orders judges to hurry up, look inside immigration court’s ‘alternate legal universe’

Christopher Robinette provided expert commentary on 4/3/18
Ohio State Fair crash: Why state inspectors won’t pay for death on Fire Ball ride

Associated Press
Christopher Robinette was quoted on 4/1/18
States protect their carnival ride inspectors from lawsuits
This story also appeared in the News Tribune and on ABC13.

Randy Lee wrote an op-ed published on 3/9/18
That ‘More Perfect Union?’ It’s a work in progress

The Meadville Tribune
Michael Dimino was quoted on 3/8/18
Federal courts stand as last hurdle for state court’s gerrymander fix 
This story also appeared in The Daily Item.

Michael Dimino was quoted on 2/27/18
U.S. top court to mull rules on what voters can wear to polls
This story also appeared in U.S. News and World Report.
Michael Dimino was quoted on 2/27/18
U.S. prime courtroom to mull guidelines on what voters can put on to polls

Juliet Moringiello was quoted on 2/16/18
Muni Market Shaken By Puerto Rico Special Revenues Ruling (no link available)

Environmental Law Forum
John Dernbach was quoted on 2/15/18
As Regulators Retreat, Is Corporate Sustainability Up to the Challenge?

John Gedid was quoted on 2/9/18
State government standoff: Pennsylvania’s ‘constitutional crisis’ over court’s redistricting decision

Meadville Tribune 
Michael Dimino is quoted on 2/9/18
Legislature will miss gerrymander fix deadline; what now?

90.5 WESA
John Gedid was quoted on 2/6/18
This Pittsburgh NPR station ran a story about the current congressional redistricting debate

The Meadville Tribune
Michael Dimino was quoted on 2/2/18
U.S. Supreme Court could wade into Pennsylvania gerrymandering controversy
This article also appeared in The Daily Item

ABC 27 News
Jill Family was featured on 2/1/18
#MeToo, Now What? Midstate women team up to combat workplace misconduct

Jill Family was quoted on 1/30/18
Economic Impact of Immigration by State

Bloomberg BNA's Bankruptcy Law Reporter
Juliet Moringiello was quoted on 1/22/18
SCOTUS Wades Into Area of Bankruptcy ‘Confusion’

Smart Talk
Jill Family was featured on 1/17/18
DACA from local perspective

ABC 27 News
Jill Family was featured on 1/11/18
Local immigration expert weighs in on plan to end DACA


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