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Central Pennsylvania Law Clinics

The Central Pennsylvania Law Clinics are comprised of the Administrative Law Clinic, the Consumer Law Clinic, the Elder Law Clinic, and the Family Justice Clinic.  These Clinics trace their origin to the Harrisburg Civil Law Clinic, which opened its doors in 1991, and continue that Clinic’s tradition of providing students with both practical legal experience and the satisfaction that comes from helping people.

Real Case Work

Picture yourself interviewing clients, negotiating with opposing counsel, and perhaps even trying cases in court. As a participant in one of the law clinics, you will be personally responsible for maintaining case files, corresponding with clients, and representing clients in court. At the course orientation, you will be introduced to substantive material in the practice areas of each of the clinics. Cases are then assigned from the practice groups within each of the clinics. You will have the freedom to make your own decisions on how to handle your cases, but faculty members are available to help when needed.

Work with the Legal Community

In service to the Central Pennsylvania Law Clinics, you will work closely with the local legal community, developing important relationships that will help you in your professional life. The Legal Service Program for Dauphin County, known as MidPenn Legal Services, refers many of the clinic’s clients, along with the Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging, the YWCA Domestic Violence Clinic, and other service providers in the Central Pennsylvania area. The Clinics provide essential legal services, and you will gain personal fulfillment from helping the community.

Emphasis on Practical Learning

The Central Pennsylvania Law Clinics emphasize the development of practical legal experience in a supportive atmosphere. Each Clinic is supervised by an attorney with years of experience in their area of practice. By working with these attorneys, you will acquire a solid foundation in Pennsylvania legal practices such as domestic relations, consumer law, civil procedure, elder law, litigation, and administrative law. By the end of your time in the Clinics, you will have acquired the skills needed to begin the practice of law.

 “Working in the Civil Law Clinic has allowed me to apply the concepts I’ve learned in class in a very tangible way. My experiences will make me more marketable to employers, who will appreciate the fact that I have significant experience working independently to help resolve client issues.”


Candice Pryce ’14

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