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Career Development

The Career Development Office is invested in the success of our students and alumni and strives to provide employment leads and opportunities, career-related skills, training and education to ensure that every student is employed upon graduation.  To facilitate that goal, the CDO will:

  • Create and maintain a database of job listings and potential legal employers with information about the employers and contact persons at each employer.
  • Develop and maintain robust relationships with law firms, judges and their staffs, in-house counsel, government attorneys and officials, nonprofits, and public interest organizations.
  • Work with each student to develop and refine the skills necessary to find employment as a legal professional.
  • Provide ongoing counseling to students and alumni on strategies to assist with both short and long-term career goals.
For Students

Access career development tools, job search tools, workshops and events, and more.

For Alumni

Discover opportunities to network with and hire Widener students, receive ongoing career counseling, and more.

For Employers

Take advantage of on- and off-campus recruiting programs or our employment listing services.

Employment Data

Employment Summary for the Class of 2022

Employment Summary for the Class of 2021

Employment Summary for the Class of 2020

Check out where some of our students have worked! 

Contact Information

Widener Law Commonwealth
Career Development Office
3800 Vartan Way
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: 717.541.3906
Email: [email protected]

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