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Firearms Policy

The possession and/or use of offensive weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on all University campuses. Offensive weapons include, without limitation, firearms of any kind, guns, pellet guns, B.B. guns, paintball guns, dart guns, ammunition, bows and arrows, chemicals, flammable materials, items that constitute a fire hazard, fireworks, explosives, any instrument that that can hurl a projectile, sling shots, brass knuckles, knives, hunting knives, switchblades, and any other cutting instruments as determined within the sole discretion of the University, except those whose sole purpose is related to the preparation or consumption of food. In addition, items that are not generally considered as weapons but could be used or viewed as a weapon are prohibited. All offensive weapons and similar items will be confiscated immediately. Students violating this policy will be severely sanctioned, up to and including expulsion. The University will report such violations to the authorities if warranted.

Any of the above mentioned implements that are needed for a student’s activities or involvement on or off campus must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety and the Student Affairs Office; control and storage of these items shall be at the discretion of the Executive Director of Campus Safety.  

The university may permit exceptions to this procedure regarding items for the ROTC detachment, in which case control of these items shall be coordinated between the Executive Director of Campus Safety and the military science professor.  All such weapons must be placed in the secured arms area on campus.