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Non-discrimination policy: Please be advised that use of Widener Law Commonwealth Career Development Office facilities and/or services requires adherence to Widener's non-discrimination policy.


Widener Law Commonwealth’s On-Campus Recruiting Programs (known as “OCI”) take place twice a year, during the summer / fall and winter. The CDO will facilitate the collection of student application materials and send employers a complete application packet for review during a designated time period. Employers are then able to select students to interview on campus or virtually during the OCI interview period.  To register for OCI, please log-in or create an account on our job portal (CORE). Please note, you will need to both register for OCI as well as create a job posting (select the Register for OCI option on the CORE home page). You may also register by completing the online form below.

*Please note that registration is only open during the active OCI rounds. 

OCI Round / Estimated Employer Registration Period (exact dates may vary)
Summer / Fall:  Early May – mid June
Winter:  Early November – mid December 
If you would like to receive an informational email when employer registration officially opens for the next OCI round, please send an email to [email protected] to be included on our contacts list.

OCI Registration Form

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If you encounter any problems, or if you need additional information, please call or email the Career Development Office:

Phone: 717.541.3906
Email: [email protected]

Please read Widener's non-discrimination policy. and answer this question: HAVE YOU READ AND DO YOU AFFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO ADHERE TO WIDENER'S NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY? *
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