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Jessica Collier ’24 Student

“A lot of people come to law school thinking they know things about the law or with a law background, only to realize that they don’t have the knowledge they think they do. If you go in, eyes open, with a mind ready to learn, your professors will notice.”

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Michelle Henry ’94 Alumna

“Widener Law Commonwealth’s unique programs helped me hone my courtroom skills, practice thinking on my feet, and graduate feeling prepared for my chosen path.”

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Randy Lee Faculty

“Saint Ives is the patron saint of lawyers. Those who knew him observed that he made people’s lives better and he made people better whenever he encountered them. A life in the law invites us to do that."

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Matthew Strubinger ’24 Student

“The faculty at Widener Law Commonwealth is great at guiding students through the process of obtaining their [legal intern] certification, and it offers invaluable experience."

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Robert Torres ’93 Alumnus

“Graduating from WLC helped to advance my career with promotions and new opportunities. My legal education helped to sharpen the analytical skills I now use in assessing many sides of an issue."

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Juliet Moringiello Faculty

"It is exciting to be working on enacting the law that you’re teaching at the time: you can give students ‘hot off the press’ insights into the political realities of enacting a statute."

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Courtney King ’22 Alumna

“Widener Law Commonwealth provided me with the confidence and the community to learn and practice law. After I graduated, WLC remained committed to me and my success by supporting me through my bar studies and encouraging me along the way."

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Mary Catherine Scott ’94 Faculty | Central PA Law Clinic Director

"The impact of our clinic is twofold: we provide much-needed legal help to members of the local community who would otherwise not be able to afford it and we prepare students with practical experience representing real clients with real legal issues."

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Jill Family Faculty

"I find that being engaged real time with cutting edge legal issues brings an important dynamic to the classroom. It helps me prepare students for the legal issues they will encounter after graduation."

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Megan Martin ’94 Alumna

"I never dreamed that I would serve two presidents, the U.S. Navy, two governors and the Pennsylvania Senate and be the first woman in our state to serve as its secretary-parliamentarian.”

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