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Missy Barnes ’22

“After teaching in an urban environment for over ten years, my experience at the clinic brought me back to my roots, giving me a different way to help clients who cannot afford to pay for an attorney, yet who are in dire need of legal assistance,”

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Brittany Nelson ’21

“I like to say that Widener found me,” Nelson said, adding that she had a friend who attended the law school in Harrisburg and during a visit, observed how close-knit the students were. “It felt like a family,” she said.

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Hakan Sen ’21

“Widener is really good at seeing potential and building on it, creating great students and attorneys."

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Stephanie Patton ’21

“Widener had the only evening program in the area. I didn’t have the option to quit my job or travel because I was working and had two small children.”

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Michael Joyce ’20

“Law school has been what I had hoped it would be. I’ve always found debate interesting and I’ve had the opportunity here to do so much of it, including winning the ATLAC Mock Trial competition with my trial partner, Amy Bua."

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Waleisha Moat ’20

“Widener has been a great experience in an environment where I could thrive. I’ve got the best professors and made so many connections, personal and professional. There’s really an ease of learning here.”

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Matthew Anderson ’20

“My advice to all students, but especially transfer students who don’t have time to waste: make those connections with the faculty and staff right away. They are your biggest supporters, in addition to your friends.”

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Mary Catherine Scott, Esq. Director, Central Pennsylvania Law Clinics

"The impact of our clinic is twofold: we provide much-needed legal help to members of the local community who would otherwise not be able to afford it and we prepare students with practical experience representing real clients with real legal issues."

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Leah Bobula ’20

“It was a puzzle for me. I had to fit it all together and at the end, Widener was the only school I applied to after completing my first 12 law school credits in Florida, at night, while teaching high school forensic and environmental science during the day.”

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Kimberly Creech ’20

"I chose to attend Widener because of the Law and Government Institute and my experience has been great. Because Widener is so close to the Capitol, the types of internships and events that L&G has access to is unparalleled for those interested in government law."

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Gabriella Romeo ’21

"My favorite part of Widener is the sense of community. I immediately felt welcomed by fellow classmates, professors, and faculty. Everyone was so kind and helpful from the get-go. I quickly learned everyone at Widener is here to help and guide me in any way possible through my legal education."

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Amy Bua ’20

“I didn’t apply anywhere else. My husband owns a restaurant and our daughters were in school in Lancaster. Moving was out of the question. I also wanted to keep working. Widener just made sense, and they were also generous in the aid they offered me.”

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