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Widener Law Commonwealth's demanding curriculum, focus on practical skills, and professional development programs help our students to graduate practice-ready. The Career Development Office is here to help your organization put these strengths to work. We offer a variety of programs so that you may conveniently interview our students.

On-Campus Recruitment Programs

Widener Law Commonwealth’s On-Campus Recruiting Programs (known as “OCI”) take place twice a year, during the summer / fall and winter. The CDO will facilitate the collection of student application materials and send employers a complete application packet for review during a designated time period.  Employers are then able to select students to interview on campus or virtually during the OCI interview period.  To register for OCI, please log-in or create an account on our job portal (CORE). Please note, you will need to both register for OCI as well as create a job posting (select the Register for OCI option on the CORE home page). You may also register by completing the OCI registration form.


We offer a year-round service that allows employers to advertise opportunities to students and alumni. Employers can post these opportunities via our job portal (CORE) by logging-in / creating an account or completing the online job posting / resume collection request form. On the CORE home page, please select the “Post a Job option.” When using this service, students will apply directly to employers using one of the following application methods:  external link to employer’s website; email; fax; postal mail. Please do not select the “apply via this site” option. If you wish for us to collect applications on your behalf, please see the below Resume Collection Program option. 

Resume Collection Program

We offer a year-round service that allows employers to advertise internship and employment opportunities on our job portal while we facilitate the collection of all application materials. Students submit application materials directly to our job portal (CORE); we will then send a complete application packet to employers. Employers directly contact students to schedule interviews as desired. You may register for resume collection by logging-in / creating an account on CORE or by completing the online job posting / resume collection request form. On CORE, please select the Post a Job option on the home page. For the question which asks you to choose application methods, select “apply via this site.” Please note that applications are not able to be reviewed on a rolling basis if a resume collect is selected. You will receive a complete packet of materials once the application deadline closes. If you wish to review applications on a rolling basis, please select a direct application to employer method. 

Contact Information

Widener Law Commonwealth
Career Development Office
3800 Vartan Way
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Phone: 717.541.3906
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