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Employee Appreciation Award Winners

Call for Employee Appreciation Award Nominations!

If you know of someone at Widener Law Commonwealth who deserves to be recognized for exceptional service to the Law School, please complete the nomination form.

The purpose of the Employee Appreciation Award is to recognize employees who have served the Law School in an exceptional manner. The nominee must show outstanding merit, perform exceptional service through his/her work, and exhibit a positive and supportive attitude.

Nominations can be made by faculty, deans, departmental supervisors and directors, administrators, support staff, and students.

Employee Appreciation Award Winners

Sgt. Bob Stickles, Fall 2019
Bob Dolbin, Spring 2018
Susan Giusti, Spring 2017
Allura Alonso, Spring 2016
Stephanie Engerer, Spring 2015
Betty Ann Mortenson, Spring 2014
Ed Sonnenberg, Spring 2013
Brian Fearnbaugh, Spring 2012
Molly Acri, Spring 2011
Jessica Schuller, Spring 2010
Paula Heider, Spring 2009
Sandra Graeff, February 2008
Sgt. Les Jumper, September 2006
Sandra Graeff, September 2004
Paula Heider, January 2004


Contact Information

Paula Heider

Phone: 717.541.3902
Email:  [email protected]