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Diversity Programs and Services

Widener Law Commonwealth celebrates diversity through a wide variety of campus events, student organizations, and diversity-related programs.

Students often find that a supportive network of friends, colleagues, and peers helps facilitate their academic and social needs, which in turn helps them perform at their best. The Office of Multicultural Affairs, operating through the office of the Dean of Students, aims to provide programs and services that provide the most student support possible.

Students find support through a variety of organizations including the Black Law Students Association, the Latin American Law Student Association, the Women’s Law Caucus and Outlaw (the school’s LGBTQ organization.)

We celebrate Black History Month, hold a special event each year to celebrate Martin Luther King Day; host an annual Diversity Alumni Reception where students can build networking relationships and actively seek out diverse students through the admissions process. BLSA students have established a mentoring program with upper division students and diverse lawyers from the surrounding area.

Finally, we host an annual Dean's Diversity Forum, which brings together some of the nation's most creative and innovative thinkers to discuss a new topic each year.

2024 Dean's Diversity Forum: Diversity as a Stepping Stone on the Journey to “a more perfect Union."
2023 Dean's Diversity Forum: Reflecting on James Baldwin: Race, Rights, and a Re-encounter with Light
2022 Dean's Diversity Forum: Our Children's Success Will Be Our Monument: The Legal Pursuit of an Education that Realizes the Talents of Our Children
2021 Dean's Diversity Forum: Faith in the Future: America’s Ongoing Quest to Build a Diverse Democracy
2020 Dean's Diversity Forum: Celebrating the Centennial of the Harlem Renaissance: Law, Lawyers and the Pursuit of Excellence
2019 Dean's Diversity Forum: Race and the Future of America's Elderly: What Happens After You’ve Built the Present
2018 Dean's Diversity Forum: Thurgood Marshall--Twenty-Five Years After: Still Celebrating a Life that Changed the Way We See the World
2017 Dean's Diversity Forum: Economic Justice: Dignity Through Opportunity
2016 Dean's Diversity Forum: Justice: Healing for the Past; Opportunity in the Future


Randi Teplitz
Assistant Dean of Students
[email protected]