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Exam Deferrals

No student has a right to defer an examination. A student who fails to take an examination when scheduled will receive a failing grade on the examination unless the examination has been deferred according to the proper procedure.

Because examination schedules are published for students at the time students register for courses, students are bound by the published examination schedule. Examinations will be deferred only for good cause. The decision of the Office of Student Affairs is final. Examples of good cause include the following:

  • Serious personal illness or injury
  • Serious injury, illness or death in the immediate family
  • Other events beyond the student's control which prevent the student from taking the final examination when scheduled.
Procedure for Requesting Deferred Examination

If a student desires to request deferral of an examination, the student should file a Dean’s Action Request form requesting deferral of an examination in a timely fashion, but in no event later than the deadline posted each semester by the Registrar's Office for which the student seeks deferral. Every student requesting deferral of an examination must provide evidence of the event or situation that the student believes is justification for the request for deferral. Such evidence must be presented in a form which the Office of Student Affairs deems appropriate under the circumstances. Students shall not communicate their interest in or intention to defer an examination to any faculty member.

Emergency Deferral of Examination

If a student is unable to take an examination for good cause as defined above, within 24 hours immediately prior to the examination time, the student may appear in person or telephone the registrar to obtain permission to defer the examination. The Office of Student Affairs or the Registrar's Office will be on duty each day or night during examinations to deal with deferred examinations. The registrar or Office of Student Affairs may defer an examination provisionally for up to 48 hours based on an explanation showing reasonable cause to believe the student, acting in good faith, cannot take an examination because of some event which is beyond the student's control. During normal working hours, the Office of Student Affairs must approve any request for a deferred examination.

If the student cannot appear in person or telephone the registrar, the student may miss the examination and apply for a deferral after the examination date. Such application for deferral must be made within 48 hours of the administration of the exam for which the student seeks deferral, and in no event later than the last day of regularly scheduled examinations for that semester. The burden is on the student to show good cause and sufficient reason for not requesting a deferral in writing, in person, or by telephone prior to the examination.

A provisional emergency examination deferral must be confirmed by a written request, supported by persuasive evidence of some event beyond the student's control that led the student to miss the examination, or it will expire within 48 hours from the date of grant of deferral, unless extended by the Office of Student Affairs.

Deferred examinations must be taken on the scheduled examination makeup date for that semester at a time approved by the Office of Student Affairs or at the next time a regularly scheduled examination is given for that course. Students who fail to sit for a makeup examination within the prescribed time period shall receive a failing grade on the examination in question.

Illness During Exam

If a student becomes ill during an examination and as a result is unable to continue the examination, the student should notify the proctor and leave all examination materials with the proctor. The proctor shall take the student's name, year, and division, and shall forward this information and the examination materials to the registrar as soon as possible. The student shall seek medical attention immediately and shall obtain from the attending physician a letter in support of the illness which prevented the student from completing the examination. A student who fails to complete an examination due to illness shall sit for the makeup exam the next time a regularly scheduled examination is administered for that course.