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Legal Methods Faculty

We are committed to teaching and promoting legal writing. We frequently present on innovative teaching techniques at regional, national, and international conferences. We also serve on committees of national organizations, including the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, the Legal Writing Institute, the Association of Legal Writing Directors, and the American Association of Law Schools.

We are engaged scholars who value and contribute to legal scholarship in many venues.  Our contributions can be found in textbooks, traditional law reviews, legal writing journals, and state and national bar journals.  Although our scholarship interests are varied, the topics focus mainly on legal education, legal technology, legal writing, and ethics.

Believing in the importance of civic engagement, we present state and national CLEs, participate in local bar association programs, and do pro bono work.  We work closely with the local bar and the bench to remain current on legal issues, and to share a sense of community and responsibility with our students.

Full-Time Legal Methods Faculty