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Externship Spotlight: Maranda Moyer

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Don’t be afraid to try something new. That’s the advice Maranda Moyer has for students considering an externship.

In the fall of 2021, Moyer worked as an extern in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, completing search projects, writing memorandums, drafting court orders, and preparing documents for trial. In addition, she also observed many trials and hearings, including proceedings in a variety of specialty courts, including the domestic violence, drug, DUI, juvenile and veterans’ courts. She also had the opportunity to take an active role in a trial from jury selection to verdict.

Moyer said she learned a great deal during her externship about criminal law, litigation, professionalism and court procedures. Prior to this externship, she admitted she didn’t have much litigation experience and very little exposure to criminal law.

“Without going to court, it is hard to know how to properly address a judge, to know the flow of a trial, and to know how to most effectively present evidence to a jury. So, it is extremely important that students interested in litigating get experience in the courtroom. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was the importance of always being prepared. Being prepared and organized makes a difference in court!”

During her externship, Moyer was able to meet with the Lancaster County district attorney and work with many of the assistant district attorneys. She also had the opportunity to meet with many of the judges in the county and discuss the trials she observed. This was especially important to Moyer, since she plans on practicing in Lancaster County after graduation, and this externship provided her with several networking opportunities.

Her advice for students considering an externship? Consider trying something new.

“When first looking at externships, I looked for experiences that matched practice areas I was already interested in pursuing after graduation. However, after further thought, I decided to look into externship opportunities in practice areas that I did not know much about. An externship is a perfect way to explore practice areas that you know nothing about. Who knows, you might find something new you love!”

Interview was conducted in Summer 2022.

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Coordinator of Externships
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