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Andrea M. Graf

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The Value of Legal Writing Skills

“I believe that Widener’s emphasis on legal writing helped me to prepare for my present job. I constantly prepare briefs and stipulations, which require me to utilize that skill,” says Harrisburg campus graduate Andrea M. Graf, who works as an associate attorney at Swartz Campbell LLC, where she dedicates her practice to representing employers, self-insured employers, and insurance companies in every aspect of workers’ compensation litigation.

“Experience in legal writing also carries over into one’s practice in the courtroom, as you are better able to articulate your ideas and arguments,” she adds.

While attending Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus, Andrea put those developing legal writing skills to use as a member of the Widener Law Journal. She says that her time on the Journal staff “certainly helped to shape my career as it forced me to improve my legal writing and research skills, which I now use on a daily basis. She adds, “This was also the most challenging aspect of my time in law school because there was a lot of work expected of the members of the Journal and that work had to be done thoroughly and accurately.”

As for what she likes most about her current job, she says, “I enjoy that I spend some time in the office and some time in court and attending depositions. I would not like to exclusively do one or the other. I also enjoy that I am helping employers and insurance companies in limiting their exposure to present and future claims.”

In order to ensure success in law school, Andrea urges new law students “to treat law school as though it is your job,” and “devote your day to it as though you would be going to work each day. That is an excellent routine to start early on.”

She encourages students looking for a satisfying career to “participate in internships and clerkships to try out different areas of law,” concluding, “these short-term experiences are invaluable in determining what you want to do after graduation.”


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