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OCT 11, 2022 TUESDAY

Sustainability and the Midterm Election—2022

This project is based on a simple but powerful premise: Sustainable development would make the United States more livable, healthy, secure, and prosperous.

Policies that promote sustainability would help grow our economy, create jobs, improve quality of life in our communities, make us healthier, reduce risks to our national security, and improve the lives of the poorest among us. They would achieve these things while protecting and restoring the environment for our generation and those that follow.

Because our elected officials make and implement laws, the views of the major party candidates on a range of sustainability issues are essential information on Election Day. Working under its motto “Law for Sustainability,” Widener Law Commonwealth's Environmental Law and Sustainability Center provides this information on the candidates’ sustainability positions in the spirit of public service, to help voters make informed decisions.

Voters will choose the next Pennsylvania Governor and Pennsylvania’s new U.S. Senator, in addition to candidates for other federal, state and local offices. 

Gubernatorial Race

This page lists the views of Josh Shapiro and Doug Mastriano on various sustainability issues.

U.S. Senate Race 

This page lists the views of John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz on various sustainability issues.

For more information on how to register to vote, request a mail-in ballot, or find your polling place in Pennsylvania, visit the DPA Department of State Voter Information Webpage. 

The Center does not endorse any particular candidates, and no endorsement should be implied. In addition, the Center does not endorse or affirm the accuracy of any statements made by any candidate about matters of fact. Research and writing for the candidates’ positions was done by Alexis Rostucher,  Lindsay A Williamson, Andrew Wuerz, and Jacob Yarmey, students at Widener Law Commonwealth.