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Photo of WLC student Chrissy Parise with DEP Secy. Richard Negrin presenting her with a special pin
AUG 22, 2023 TUESDAY

Environmental Law Student Wins Summer Photo Contest

Christine (Chrissy) Parise is the winner of the 2023 Environmental Law Show Us Your Summer photo contest sponsored by the Widener Law Commonwealth’s Environmental Law and Sustainability Center (ELSC)

Parise is a 3L student who worked as an intern at the southcentral regional office of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from January through July of this year. Parise’s prize-winning photo is an image of DEP Secretary Richard Negrin presenting Parise with a DEP pin in acknowledgment of her service to the state.
While at DEP, Parise researched many issues, including but not limited to the legalities of assessing a civil penalty when the DEP is denied access for inspection purposes. She also attended court proceedings, staff meetings, be a part of witness prep, and observe depositions. In addition, Parise gained valuable legal drafting skills through drafting discovery document, consent orders, and agreements. 

“The summer position with the Pennsylvania Office of General Counsel allowed me to grow my network, attend professional programs, have a private tour of the capital and be able to go up on the actual rotunda, meet the governor, the lieutenant governor, the Pennsylvania secretary of state, and the DEP secretary.”
Parise found her undergraduate degree and previous career experience in environmental science to be a valuable asset that allowed her to better understand the technical aspects of her work at DEP. 

“Our students who had careers prior to law school are like superheroes walking around with a powerful secret,” said Widener Law Commonwealth Professor and Environmental Law and Sustainability Center (ELSC) Director Sarah Everhart. “They are able to take what they learn at Widener Law Commonwealth, combine it with their previous experience, and hit the ground running in internships and later careers. This gives them and their employers an incredible advantage.” 

Parise plans to sit for the bar exam next summer and pursue a fulfilling career in public service.
Highlighting student accomplishments in environmental law is a high priority for the ELSC. If you’d like to hear more news from the Widener Law Commonwealth environmental law program, please join our listserv. If you have accomplishments you would like share, please contact Professor Everhart at [email protected].

Pictured above: WLC student Chrissy Parise with Richard Negrin, secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 


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