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In the News 2014

The following summary lists many of the instances during 2014 in which Widener Law Commonwealth faculty members have been quoted or featured in coverage by local, regional, or national news media organizations.

Please note that some news sites may require registration in order to view stories and some links may expire shortly after they are posted.

Daily KOS
John Dernbach, mentioned on 12/31/14
Why are 60 Progressive House Democrats Trying to Reverse 40 Years of Clean Air Act Progress?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Michael Hussey, quoted on 12/16/14
Trustee disputes claim by Scaife’s children about drained trust fund

Philadelphia Inquirer
Jill Family, quoted on 11/23/14
Immigration order: Happiness for some, for others heartbreak  

WITF-FM Radio Smart Talk
Jill Family, interviewed on 11/20/14
Smart Talk: Obama's immigration move; Fire prevention
Michael Dimino, quoted on 11/12/14
Could two lines of text in the Pa. Constitution be the magic bullet that kills that shady NRA gun law? Maybe: Analysis by John L. Micek

Pennsylvania Cable Network
Michael Dimino, interviewed on 11/11/14
Discussed Justice McCaffery resignation and changes at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (no link available)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Bloomberg Businessweek
Michael Hussey, quoted on Scaife trust
Scaife children seek details on drained trust (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on 11/09/14)
Scaife children seek details on trust drained to support Tribune-Review (Bloomberg Businessweek on 11/09/14)

Reuters, WIFC-FM, KWSN-AM, etc.
Juliet Moringiello, quoted on Detroit plan to exit bankruptcy
Instant View: Judge confirms Detroit plan to exit bankruptcy (Reuters on 11/07/14)
Detroit's dash through bankruptcy awaits court nod (WIFC-FM on 11/07/14)
Judge confirms Detroit plan to exit bankruptcy (The Jamestown Sun on 11/07/14)
Detroit's dash through bankruptcy awaits court nod (KWSN-AM on 11/07/14)

Mint Press News
Michael Dimino, Sr., quoted on 10/27/14
2014 Elections Paint Gruesome Future For Republican Party

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
John Dernbach, announced as a speaker on 10/26/14
Symposium on Jonas Salk focuses on his work in sustainability  

Pittsburgh Business Times
John Dernbach, quoted on 09/25/14
Shale Insight panelists lock horns over Supreme Court Act 13 decision

The Patriot-News
Michael Cozzillio, quoted on 09/17/14
NFL needs to be proactive instead of reactive in dealing with domestic and other violent crimes

The Times-Tribune
John Dernbach, quoted on 09/04/14
Residents beat gas company in Lycoming County zoning case (subscription may be required)

The Atlantic
Tonya Evans, quoted on 09/03/14
Book Publishing, Not Fact-Checking

The Patriot-News
Michael Hussey, quoted on 08/20/14
Four Dauphin County elected officials get behind on taxes following financial issues – and a good deed

The News Journal
Christopher Robinette, quoted on 08/18/14
DNREC cites landowners for I-495 dirt pile

Philadelphia Daily News
John Dernbach, quoted on 08/18/14
Also shredding its Constitution...Pennsylvania

Environment and Energy Publishing
John Dernbach, quoted on 08/18/14
LAW: Enviros push 'public trust' as trump card over oil and gas influence

The Denver Post, The Daily News
John Dernbach, quoted on ordinances and bans related to oil and gas drilling of shale formations
Oil, gas boom taps rush of ordinances and bans across the U.S. (Denver Post on 07/27/14)
Oil, gas boom taps rush of ordinances and bans across the U.S. (Daily News on 07/26/14)

Fortune and The Morning Call
Juliet Moringiello, quoted on Detroit bankruptcy
Detroit pensioners approve bankruptcy haircut in landslide (Fortune on 07/22/14)
Detroit workers, retirees give bankruptcy plan a boost (The Morning Call on 07/22/14 <Broken Link>

Colorado Public Radio
John Dernbach, quoted on 07/21/14
Explained: The Colo. ballot initiatives that would limit oil and gas development (Dernbach is quoted in the audio clip)

NPR's State Impact
John Dernbach, quoted on 07/17/14
Commonwealth Court throws out several challenges to Act 13, including ‘doctor gag rule’ [UPDATED]

The Washington Post
Chris Robinette, quoted on 07/10/14
5 things learned from Giants fan beating verdict

The Patriot-News
John Dernbach, mention of an interview on 07/10/14
Pennsylvania's Environmental Rights Amendment to be spotlighted by panel

The Patriot-News
Robyn Meadows, quoted on 07/03/14
Widener Law, Dauphin County Bar Association starting law firm incubator program

WITF-FM Radio Smart Talk
Michael Dimino, interviewed on 07/01/14
Smart Talk: State budget update; Legal aid in civil cases; Contraception Supreme Court ruling

WDEL 1150 AM
Michael Dimino, interviewed on 06/26/14
Discussed Supreme Court decisions on presidential recess appointments (no link available)

WVON-AM Matt McGill Morning Show
Tonya Evans, interviewed on 06/19/14
Discussed cancellation of the Washington Redskins' trademark (no link available)

The Patriot-News
Randy Lee, quoted on 06/19/14
Defenders of traditional marriage take their message to Washington

Citizens Voice, Standard Speaker, and The Times-Tribune
Juliet Moringiello, provided expert commentary on bankruptcy
Creditors, township, look for MEM missing PPL cash (Citizens Voice on 06/07/14)
Creditors seeking MEM bankruptcy money (Standard Speaker on 06/07/14)
Creditors, township, look for MEM missing PPL cash (The Times-Tribune on 06/07/14)

Michael Dimino, interviewed on 05/22/14
Discussed Governor Corbett's decision not to appeal same-sex marriage ruling

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
John Dernbach, quoted on 05/13/14
Appeals court to hear arguments on 4 sections of Act 13

The Patriot-News
Randall Lee, quoted on 05/13/14
Dead Hummelstown lawyer case could spark lawyer disciplinary changes

WITF-FM Radio Smart Talk
Don Brown, interviewed on 05/07/14
Professor makes moral case for action on climate change

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Michael Dimino, interviewed on 04/23/14
Discussed the U.S. Supreme Court's decision upholding Michigan's affirmative-action ban on the afternoon broadcast (no link available)

The New York Times
Donald Brown, wrote letter on 4/14/14
Letters to the Editor: Public Attitudes About Climate Change

WCAU-TV NBC, San Francisco Chronicle, Lancaster Online, The Patriot-News
John Dernbach, quoted on Franklin Kury
Court Vindicates Ex-Lawmaker's Environmental Work (WCAU-TV NBC on 04/12/14)
Court vindicates ex-lawmaker's environmental work (San Francisco Chronicle on 04/12/14)Court vindicates ex-lawmaker's environmental work (Lancaster Online on 04/12/14)
A Green Ruling: Franklin Kury and the 40-year fight for clean air and water in Pennsylvania (The Patriot-News on 04/09/14)

Delaware Grapevine
Michael Dimino., quoted on 03/27/14
The Bonini Bill

Prelaw Magazine
Benjamin Barros, quoted in Spring 2014 issue
Jobs for JDs, just later

Pittsburgh City Paper
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/26/14
Public Trusts: Proposed fracking under Deer Lakes Park could run afoul of state constitution

York Daily Record
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/20/14
Act 13 court battle: What's still at stake?

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Robert Power, quoted on 03/19/14
Political bribery can be tough to prove

The Express
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/18/14
What’s still at stake in the Act 13 court battle?

WPMT Fox 43 News
Randy Lee, quoted on 03/15/14
Student, parents sue school district over handling of “joke” about bomb threat

State Impact NPR Blog
John Dernbach, quoted on 03/14/14
What’s still at stake in the Act 13 court battle?

Reuters, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, etc.
Juliet Moringiello, quoted on Detroit bankruptcy plan
Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan (Reuters on 02/26/14)
Detroit Uses Stick and Carrot to Sell Bankruptcy Plan (The New York Times on 02/26/14)
Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan (The Morning Call on 02/26/14)
Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan (The Baltimore Sun on 02/26/14)

Ben Barros, quoted on 02/25/14
Law Jobs Market Moves Up . . Or Does It?

Pennsylvania Cable Network
Michael R. Dimino, served as a panelist on televised discussion on 01/29/14
Panel Discussion on voter ID legislation (no link available)

Pennsylvania Cable Network
John C. Dernbach, served as a guest during special program on 01/27/14
Program on Pennsylvania's Act 13, the Marcellus Shale, and the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling (no link available)

WITF-FM's Radio Smart Talk
John C. Dernbach, interviewed on 01/21/14
Smart Talk: the PA Supreme Court's shale decision and the quest for affordable artist housing in York (audio available)

The York Record and The Patriot News
Michael Dimino, on Pennsylvania voter ID law
Accept, appeal or pass a new law: Options for voter ID supporters in Pennsylvania (York Record 01/19/14)
What could a voter ID appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court look like? (The Patriot-News on 01/17/14)

WDEL 1150 AM
Randell Lee, interviewed on 01/16/14
Discussed the Supreme Court case involving free speech and protesters outside abortion clinics on the noon broadcast (no link available)

WDEL 1150 AM
Michael Dimino, interviewed on 01/13/14
Discussed Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in a case focused on presidential recess appointment power (no link available)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
John Dernbach, quoted on 01/12/14
Court decision may have big impact on drilling

The Morning Call
John Dernbach, quoted on 01/06/14
Corbett to state Supreme Court: Undo fracking ruling

Monica Cliatt, interviewed on 01/03/14
Discussed whether smoking pot legally in Colorado can get you into trouble with a workplace drug test in Pennsylvania (video)