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Mission Statement and Educational Objectives

The mission of Widener Law Commonwealth is to provide legal education that is personal, practical, and professional. We, the faculty, administration, and staff, work together to provide an education that is personal, valuing the individual student and emphasizing individual attention. By this approach, we foster collegiality and collaboration with a diverse body of students in the study of law, with a clear focus on achieving student learning. We also strive to provide an education that is practical; we train students to become lawyers.

Our goal is to transform promising students into skilled lawyers who know the law and use the law to solve problems, whether they serve in government or in the private sector. Our mission is also to produce professionals: lawyers who are highly ethical, mindful of the public interest, and engaged as leaders in their communities. We view as crucial to this mission a dedication to excellent and innovative teaching, engagement in scholarship that enriches our teaching and the development of the law, and participation in public service of various kinds. These activities — teaching, scholarship, and service — enrich the institution and provide models for students in their personal, practical, and professional development.

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