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FEB 12, 2018 MONDAY

Law student earns scholarship

Erin Alleman is dedicated to public service. It’s why she chose to come to law school.

As a second-year law student at Widener Law Commonwealth, Alleman was recently awarded the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation’s 2017 James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship Award. The scholarship is given to law students who show the potential for making a contribution to society and the legal profession.

Each year three scholarships for $3,000 each are awarded to law students in Pennsylvania. Additional requirements to be considered for the scholarship include good academic standing and demonstrated financial need. Two of the three scholarships given each year are earmarked for minority students.

Applicants are asked to submit a resume, letter of recommendation and an essay.

Dean Christian Johnson said that scholarships like the one that Alleman was awarded are crucial for law students and help encourage them in areas of legal interest and help offset the costs of legal education.

“We are so proud of Erin for earning such a prestigious scholarship and her commitment to public service,” said Dean Christian Johnson. “She is a true example of dedication to helping others, which is a key part of the legal profession.”

After law school, Alleman, originally from Shippensburg, plans to practice law in the area of public service and wants to become a US Attorney.

 “I’ve always been driven by public service,” she said. “Being able to make a difference and helping others has always been a big focus for me and I hope to continue that after law school.”

She is currently an Academic Success Fellow for Commonwealth Professor of Environmental Law John Dernbach where she coaches first-year students about how to achieve success. She is also is active in the American Bar Association and has volunteered at activities on campus such as Wills for Hero’s.

Alleman said the scholarship will go towards the cost of tuition and books.