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When you give of yourself, you get even more in return. Stepping forward as a volunteer for Widener Law Commonwealth is the perfect opportunity to help shape the next generation of attorneys, provide insight to further the law school’s growth, and reconnect with fellow alumni and others in the local legal community.

Becoming a Mentor

This is your opportunity to lend your insights and experience, helping a Widener Law Commonwealth student to grow in the profession and prepare for success. The commitment of time is modest, and the benefits can be enormous. Why not learn more?

Joining an Advisory Board

Our alumni advisory boards help build strong lines of connection between Widener Law Commonwealth, our alumni, and the legal world at large. If you are interested in helping forge these kinds of connections, why not learn more?

Volunteer Interest Form

Do you have a specific idea for volunteering?  Fill out this form to express your interest in becoming an alumni volunteer and share your unique idea.