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Widener Law Commonwealth's Podcast

Learn the real issues behind the headlines of legal hot topics in the news with internationally-known legal faculty at Widener Law Commonwealth. Legal scholars break-down complex issues and provide insight on legal topics.  Looking to go to law school? Valuable tips on topics ranging from law school admissions to financial aid and bar exam preparation will be given by our team of dedicated administrative personnel.


Immigration Law Explained | Legal Topics in the News

Host Julie Massing sits down with Commonwealth Professor of Law and Director of the Law and Government Institute Jill Family to break down the complexities of immigration law in the United States. Their conversation aims to give listeners an understanding of the current landscape and historical context of immigration policy.

A Reasonable Expectation of Transparency - Where the Rights to Know and to Privacy Intersect

Commonwealth Court Judge P. Kevin Brobson, currently serving as the Jurist in Residence for Widener Law Commonwealth, presented A Reasonable Expectation of Transparency--Where the Rights to Know and to Privacy Intersect.

Judge Brobson discussed the legal issues that arise at the intersection of the rights to know and to privacy.  Many states, including Pennsylvania, have a Right to Know law that encourages government transparency.  Those laws can implicate rights to privacy when the information sought from the government involves private matters, however.

Purpose and Benefits of Law School Clinics Show Notes

Host Julie Massing interviews Widener Law Commonwealth's Central Pennsylvania Law Clinics Interim Director Mary Catherine Scott. This interview covers several topics including the history of the clinic and the benefits of law clinics for law students and the local communities.  

Mentioned in this Episode:

MidPenn Legal Services

Dauphin County Agency on Aging

YWCA Domestic Violence Legal Center

Financial Aid Process Explained Show Notes

Host Julie Massing sits down with Widener Law Commonwealth's Financial Aid Representative Allura Alonso to discuss the law school financial aid process.  Their conversation covers a wealth of information including affording law school, applying for financial aid, and repaying student loans. Hear from a financial aid expert about what you need to know to help finance your law school education.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Widener Law Commonwealth Financial Aid Office Campus Cruiser.

Contact Information:

Financial Aid Office
3737 Vartan Way
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: 717.541.3961
Fax: 717.541.1964

Law School Admissions Process Explained Show Notes

Host Julie Massing sits down with Widener Law Commonwealth's Associate Dean for Admissions and Administration John Benfield to discuss the law school application process.  Their conversation covers everything from the LSAT, GPA, personal statements, character and fitness requirements and more. Hear from an admissions expert how you can improve your chances of getting into law school.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Introduction Show Notes

Communications Manager Julie Massing describes Widener Law Commonwealth's new podcast covering legal news and helpful information for law students. 



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