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Recruitment Events for Students

The CDO markets its students to employers through two recruitment programs occurring in the Fall and Spring. Through our recruitment programs, we encourage employers to visit our campus and interview our students on site. Widener is unique in that it offers employers the opportunity to interview students from both campuses at one location.

For those employers that are unable to visit on campus, our office offers an off campus-procedure. We collect the resumes of interested students and forward them to the employers. After reviewing the materials and selecting candidates to interview, these employers invite our students to interview in their offices.

The Fall Recruitment Program

Each fall, we invite employers to come on campus and interview our students for summer and permanent positions. These employers are generally large corporate firms that expect to hire significant numbers of law students and attorneys during the coming year. Often these employers are nationally known law firms or large government agencies.

Some judges search for law clerks through this program and large public interest organizations also participate. The program is concentrated and competitive. Most of the interviewing takes place in August and September and participating employers usually make their hiring decisions by Thanksgiving. Students apply for this program online utilizing Symplicity and should watch for Campus Cruiser email alerts advertising the program beginning in the late Spring/early Summer.

The Spring Recruitment Program

Each spring we invite employers to our on campus program. These employers are a more diverse group than those we invite in the fall. Generally they are smaller firms, local courts, military JAG offices that prefer to recruit closer in time to when they actually need an attorney or law clerk to begin working. The spring recruitment program is less concentrated than the fall. Employers' deadline dates are spread out through the entire semester. Due to the diversity of the participants, hiring decisions may be made at any time. Students apply for this program online utilizing Symplicity and should watch for Campus Cruiser email alerts advertising the program beginning in late January/early February.