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Academics for Current Students

Widener Law Commonwealth’s academic programs include an array of choices. At Widener Law Commonwealth, you can plan your legal education to meet your individual interests, needs, and goals.

Academic Calendar

Key dates, this year and next.

Class and Exam Schedules

Review the course and exam schedules.


Learn the specifics of the core curriculum and the practice and enrichment courses.

Textbooks and First Assignments for the Start of the Semester

First assignments are posted here as PDFs at the start of each semester, and will indicate class assignments and textbook information for the current term.

  • Spring 2019 Textbooks (PDF) - posted on 12.14.18 at 12:36 p.m.
  • Spring 2019 First Assignments (PDF coming soon)
Academic Success Program

Counseling, tutoring, and workshops to help you meet the challenges of law school.

 Law and Government Institute

Experience the inner workings of state government, with the option of earning a certificate in constitutional/ administrative law or legislation.

Environmental Law and Sustainability Center

Focus on environmental law and natural resources law, with the option of earning a certificate in environmental law.

Business Advising Program

A certificate program focusing on an understanding of the many areas of law that affect owners of small and midsize businesses.

Certificate Programs

Earn a specialized credential in one of five areas of focus, exploring a particular interest within the law and strengthening your resume.

Practical Learning Opportunities

Providing the chance to gain substantive professional experience, including clinics, externships, practical learning courses, and Widener Law Commonwealth’s public interest initiative.

Bar Program

Learn more about the fundamentals of the bar exam course.

Study Abroad

Learn about the wonderful opportunity Widener Law Commonwealth students have to study abroad in Madrid! 


In addition to many study options, Widener Law Commonwealth’s academic program provides every student with a solid grounding in legal theory and rigorous training in legal methods. The result is an exceptionally strong education in the law.

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