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Career Development

At Widener Law Commonwealth, we focus not only on providing a first-rate learning experience, but also on translating that experience into professional success. Our Career Development Office plays an essential part.

The Career Development Office delivers a range of services designed to help Widener students find their place in the legal profession, to support Widener alumni, and to serve employers.

Our offerings range from an on- and off-campus interviewing program to an online job bank, Symplicity. Personal guidance provided by a specialized career counselor starts as early as October of our students’ first year, with the goal of helping each student identify and work steadily toward his or her individual career goals.

For Students

Access career development tools, job search tools, workshops and events, and more.

For Alumni

Discover opportunities to mentor and hire Widener students, receive ongoing career counseling, and more.

For Employers

Take advantage of on- and off-campus recruiting programs or our employment listing services.

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The Career Development Office is a catalyst for connection…
  • helping alumni and students link together in mentoring relationships,
  • helping students and graduates make the most of Widener’s extended alumni network, and
  • helping employers tap into the extraordinary pool of talent through the Widener Law Commonwealth community.