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Greg Randall Lee

Professor of Law

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Phone: 717.541.3940

“Saint Ives is the patron saint of lawyers. Those who knew him observed that he made people’s lives better and he made people better whenever he encountered them. A life in the law invites us to do that.“ 

Randy Lee teaches Constitutional Law, Professional Responsibility, Torts and various writing and advocacy courses. Professor Lee has taught previously at the Villanova and University of Pittsburgh Law Schools and in the Harvard University Summer Program. The moot court teams Professor Lee has co-coached with Professor Kearney have advanced to the National Appellate Advocacy Championship three times, and their 1993 team was recognized for the third best brief in the nation.

Professor Lee is a frequent speaker for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and has also done programs for the Pennsylvania Office of General Counsel, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. In addition, Professor Lee has spoken at judicial conferences for the Pennsylvania Commonwealth, Common Pleas and Superior Courts. The colleges and law schools at which he has spoken include Baylor, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Catholic, Duke, Fordham, Gallaudet, Maryland, Notre Dame, NYU, Oklahoma, Pepperdine, Touro, Villanova, and Penn.  Professor Lee’s on-line ethics courses have been offered on the websites of the state bar associations of eight states, and he has been quoted in the New York Times, Washington Post and Time Magazine.

Professor Lee served as the chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Professional Responsibility, and also served as the chair of the Law School Subcommittee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Professionalism Committee. In addition, Professor Lee coordinates the Pennsylvania Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers annual conference for the deans of students of Pennsylvania’s Law Schools. Professor Lee worked on the first case to guarantee people who are deaf the right to serve as jurors and also worked with the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health to guarantee people who are deaf, deaf/blind, or hard of hearing equal and effective access to mental health services.

  • Torts
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Constitutional Law

Selected Publications

  • Finding Marriage Amidst a Sea of Confusion:  A Precursor to Considering the Public Purpose of Marriage,” in The Law of Marriage 96 (K. Padmaja, ed., Amicus Books (U. of India Press) 2007).
  • Billy Joel and the Practice of Law: Melodies to Which a Lawyer Might Work, 32 Touro L. Rev. 163 (2016).
  • Can a Single Masterpiece Sustain a Lawyer’s Lifetime and Other Questions That Cross a Lawyer’s Way, 2014 Prof. Law 89 (2014).
  • A Christian on Listening with Jewish Ears and Hearing with the Heart of God, 30 Touro L. Rev. 57 (2014).
  • Bob Dylan’s Lawyers, a Dark Day in Luzerne County, and Learning to Take Legal Ethics Seriously, 38 Fordham Urb. L.J. 1323 (2011).
  • Fred Zacharias and a Lawyer’s Attempt to be Guided by Justice: Flying with Harry Potter and Understanding How Lawyers Can Prosecute the People They Represent, 48 San Diego L. Rev. 233 (2011).
  • The Aspiration to be a Catholic Social Scientist in the Eyes of Robert Coles:  The Search for Wisdom in an Information Age, 47 J. Cath. Legal Stud. 129 (2008).
  • “A Rose by any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet,” but Would it Still be Treasured:  The Mislabeling and Misunderstanding of Parents and Grandparents in American Policy, 15 Elder L.J. 607 (2007).
  • Reflecting on Negligence Law and the Catholic Experience:  Comparing Apples and Elephants, 20 St. Thomas L. Rev. 3 (2007).
  • Symposium, The Jurisprudential Legacy of John Paul II:  Judaism and John Paul II:  Coming to Grips With What Law Means in the Hands of God, 45 J. Cath. Legal Stud. 415 (2006).
  • Who’s Afraid of William Shakespeare?:  Confronting Our Concepts of Justice and Mercy in The Merchant of Venice, 32 U. Dayton L. Rev. 1 (2006).
  • Nineteenth Century Visions of a Twenty-First Century Bar:  Were Dickens’s Expectations for Lawyers Too Great?, 15 Widener L. J. 283 (2006).
  • Dorothy Day and Innovative Social Justice:  A View from Inside the Box, 12 Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 187 (2005).
  • Bruce Springsteen’s Hope and the Lawyer as Poet Advocate, 14 Widener L.J. 867 (2005).
  • Lessons to be Learned, Lessons to Live Out:  Catholicism at the Crossroads of Judaism and American Legalism, 49 St. Louis U. L.J 367 (2005).
  • When Would Jesus Sue:  Tort Law in the Hands of Christ, 81 U. Det. Mercy L. Rev. 845 (2004).
  • Finding Marriage Amidst a Sea of Confusion:  a Precursor to Considering the Public Purposes of Marriage, 43 Cath. Law. 339 (2004).
  • Recognizing Friends Amidst the Rubble:  Seeking Truth Outside the Culture Wars, 13 Widener L. J. 825 (2004).
  • From Words to Sacrament, from Sacrament to Flesh: The Concept of Marriage, 8 Cath. Soc. Sci. Rev.151 (2003).
  • The New Federalism: Discerning Truth in American Myths and Legend, 12 Widener L.J. 537 (2003).
  • The State of Self-Regulation of the Legal Profession: Have We Locked the Fox in the Chicken Coop?, 11 Widener J. Pub. L. 69 (2002).
  • Related Representations in Civil and Criminal Matters: the Night the D.A. Ditched his Date for the Prom, 29 N. Ky. L. Rev. 281 (2002).
  • Are Religiously Affiliated Law Schools Obsolete in America? The View of an Outsider Looking In, 74 St. John’s L. Rev. 655 (2000).
  • Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons and the Art of Discerning Integrity, 9 Widener J. Pub. L. 305 (2000).
  • When a King Speaks of God; When God Speaks to a King: Faith, Politics, Tax Exempt Status, and the Constitution in the Clinton Administration, 63 Law & Contemp. Probs. 391  (2000).
  • Faith through Lawyering: Finding and Doing What is Mine to Do, 11 Regent U. L. Rev. 71 (1998-1999).
  • Book Review, Reflections on a Rose in its Sixth Season: A Review of H. Jefferson Powell’s the Moral Tradition of American Constitutionalism, 32 Creighton L. Rev., 1205 (1999) (reviewing H. Jefferson Powell, The Moral Tradition of American Constitutionalism (1993)).
  • Lawyers and the Uncommon Good: Navigating and Transcending the Gray, 40 S. Tex. L. Rev. 207 (1999).
  • Book Review, When Giants Walked the Earth, 30 Tex. Tech L. Rev., 1409 (1999) (reviewing Ken Gormley, Archibald Cox: Conscience of a Nation (1997)).
  • The Immutability of Faith and the Necessity of Action, 66 Fordham L. Rev. 1455 (1998).
  • Catholic Legal Education at the Edge of a New Millennium: Do We Still Have the Spirit to Send Forth Saints?, 31 Gonz. L. Rev. 565 (1995/96).
  • et al., H. Jefferson Powell on the American Constitutional Tradition: A Conversation, 72 Notre Dame L. Rev. 11 (1996).
  • Twenty-Five Years After Goldberg v. Kelly: Traveling From the Right Spot on the Wrong Road to the Wrong Place, 23 Cap. U. L. Rev. 863 (1994).
  • A Look at God, Feminism, and Tort Law, 75 Marq. L. Rev. 369 (1992).
  • Reflecting a King's Wisdom: Bridge-Building and Legal Analysis, 13 Am. J. Trial Advoc. 1141 (1990).
  • Writing the Statement of the Case: The "Bear" Necessities, 10 Whittier L. Rev. 619 (1989).
  • Equal Protection and a Deaf Person's Right to Serve as a Juror, 17 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change 81 (1989-90).
  • Editorial, Democracy Will Live as Long as Citizens Maintain Respect, Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pa.), Nov. 1, 2010, at A11.
  • An Attorney’s Work and Taran’s Wanderings:  Lessons for Lawyers from the Chronicles of Prydain (PBI Publication No. 2910-6326A, 2010).
  • Book Review, 64  Interpretation 220 (2010) (reviewing Richard C. Church, First Be Reconciled:  Challenging Christians in Court, (2008)).
  • Editorial, ‘Mockingbird’ Grows Old Gracefully, Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pa.), Nov. 15, 2009, at B1.
  • Editorial, Voters Need to Realize Importance of Selecting Judges, Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pa.), May 14, 2009, at A21.
  • Epilogue to Recovering Self-Evident Truths:  Catholic Perspectives on American Law 341 (Michael A. Scaperlanda & Teresa Stanton Collett eds., Catholic Univ. of America (2007)).
  • Introduction, The Lawyer as Poet Advocate:  Bruce Springsteen and the American Lawyer, 14 Widener L.J. 719 (2005).
  • A Law Professor on Being Fashioned, 14 Widener L.J. 469 (2005).
  • The Continuing Moral Fashioning of a Law Professor, Orange County Law., June 2005, at 18.
  • A Tribute to my Friend David Orgon Coolidge, 11 Widener J. Pub. L. 353 (2002).
  • Editorial, Succession Question Requires Amendment, Patriot News, (Harrisburg, Pa.), December 19, 2001, at A23.
  • How Will You Know I Love You, Dim Sum, Holiday 2001, at 6 (Newsletter for Adoptive Parents of Chinese Infants).
  • Introduction to Symposium, Legal Ethics for Government Lawyers: Straight Talk for Tough Times, 9 Widener J. Pub. L. 199 (2000).
  • A Man Named Simon: Reflections on the Life of Former U. S. Treasury Secretary William E. Simon, Medjugorje Mag., Fall 2000, at 46.
  • The Strength of Brokenness, Medjugorje Mag., Spring 1999, at 12.
  • Seven Years Later, the Promise of ADA Remains Unfilled, York Dispatch, Oct. 10, 1997.
  • & Mary Kate Kearney, Setting the Legal Context: What is the Meaning of Equal Access to Mental Health Services, in Model State Mental Health Plan for Deaf Persons (1995).
  • Quiet Justice: Adding People with Hearing Loss to the Jury of Our Peers, in Hear the World from the Heartland (Paper presented at the 1994 SHHH International Convention) (1994).
  • Quiet Justice: Adding People with Hearing Loss to the Jury of Our Peers, in Hear the World from the Heartland (Paper presented at the 1992 SHHH International Convention) (1992).


BS, Butler University
JD, Harvard University Law School


Instructor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Director, Mellon Legal Writing Program, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Instructor, Villanova University


Association of American Law Schools

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