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The Part-time Program

At Widener Law Commonwealth, we recognize that no two students have quite the same needs and circumstances and that every student has to balance law school with other important commitments. Fortunately, we’ve created a curriculum that allows you to complete our JD program through flexibly scheduled part-time study, usually in four years.

The part-time program meets the needs of working professionals seeking to earn a JD while balancing job and/or family. If you work evenings or take care of kids at night, you can attend part-time classes during the day. If you’re on the job from 9 to 5, opt for classes three or four nights a week.

Just over 70 students are currently enrolled in the part-time program, a large enough group to create a cohesive community while small enough to ensure that all students have ample access to faculty.

As a part-time student, you can participate in a full range of curricular and extracurricular options, including Widener Law Journal, the Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race, the Moot Court Honor Society, and the Trial Advocacy Honor Society. Just like our full-time students, part-time students may qualify for substantial scholarships to defray the cost of tuition. 

Widener’s Extended Division has been the starting point for alumni now successful in a broad array of endeavors, from Pennsylvania’s auditor general to the president of a major insurance company, to associates with private firms practicing in areas ranging from intellectual property to labor and employment law.

Typical Fall Class Schedule—First-Year Part-time Student Taking Evening Classes
  • Civil Procedure I (3 credits) Monday 6:00-7:25 PM / Thursday 8:40-10:05 PM
  • Contracts I (3 credits) Monday 7:35-8:30 PM / Tuesday 8:00-9:50 PM
  • Torts I (2 credits) Tuesday 6:00-7:50 PM / Thursday 6:00-6:55 PM
  • Legal Methods I (3 credits) Monday 8:40-10:05 PM / Thursday 7:05-8:30 PM
Typical Fall Class Schedule—First-Year Part-time Student Taking Day Classes
  • Civil Procedure I (3 credits) Wednesday and Friday 2:00-3:25 PM
  • Contracts I (3 credits) Wednesday and Friday 10:00-11:25 AM
  • Torts I (2 credits) Tuesday 9:30-11:20 AM / Thursday 2:00-2:55 PM
  • Legal Methods I (3 credits) Monday and Thursday 10:00-11:25 AM

This is only a typical class schedule, as the times that classes meet each day do vary slightly from year to year.

 “The Evening Division Program at Widener made going to law school a reality for me. Widener’s program enables those who work full-time or who have family responsibilities to achieve their dreams of becoming a lawyer.”


Tricia Lontz ’13


Age range of extended division students during the 2019/2020 academic year